New Video for Grimes' ’Nightmusic ft. Majical Cloudz’



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We’ve been waiting for an excuse to post something about Grimes. Here it is in the shape of a brand new video for one of the more intense tracks off her new album.

Saying that Grimes is so hot right now may be a played out Zoolander reference, but it’s also very true. Major features in Dazed & Confused, covers on hip underground media like Beat and a recent appearance on the all-conquering Boiler Room are only a few of the achievements that Claire Boucher has crossed off her list in the last 3-4 months.

The thing with major exposure in the contemporary hype machine is that you start looking for faults. However, in this particular case we’ve yet to find any. Sure, her voice sometimes errs on the too-sugary side and her singing performance in Boiler Room was far from faultless, but that somehow just adds to the DIY charm of this intensely cute, impish, little Canadian. So yeah, we have no problem in adding to the massive hype surrounding Grimes.

Check out the video that finds her rummaging around what looks like a Scandinavian forest (but we could be wrong about this)
in characteristically wraithlike fashion. It’s classic Grimes. And the fact that this is now a viable sentence is probably some sort of testament to her impact on popular culture. Grimes for President 2020?