New Levon Vincent Mix for Little White Earbuds

by Rasmus


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Levon Vincent
Little White Earbuds

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Oh Levon. Is there any better way to enter the new year than with a mix from your hand? Back in 2010, you and the now defunct mnmlssgs blog rang in the new year with an exquisite mix of house and techno of the finest kind. Now, you're doing it all over again!

Your mix for Little White Earbuds is perhaps even more eclectic than what you last presented to us. From the opening introverted notes over a heavy tide of pulsating and hard-hitting house to Ministry's Depeche Mode-infected 80s nostalgia, you lead the way through ever more complex musical waters.

Impressive as always, your mixing skills breathe life into seemingly impossible combinations. There are bits and pieces of unreleased teasers, long stretches of DJ Qu's gymnastics, and ventures into the darkness of Ostgut Ton.

If anything, you have mastered the art of playing hard while remaining accessible. All 80 minutes are sonically packed and not for the squeamish, but something magical separates you from, say, the Berghain crowd. That certain something is a willingness go from uncompromisingly hard to all but quirky and not hesitate for a second in the process. Here is to another year of novel sounds!

LWE Podcast by Levon Vincent