Legowelt Releases New Album - and It's Free!

by Ulrik




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If you’re not familiar with the sounds of mysterious, Dutch, synth-freak, Danny Wolfers, AKA Legowelt, now is the time to get better acquainted. He’s just put out a tight, new album that’ll make you dance and occasionally scratch your chin. In a housey, psychedelic sort of way. Quite surprisingly, you can now download the entire album for free.

Legowelt is a bit of an oddity on the electronic music scene. He has a fanatic following, but never really made it big (even though he was heavily bigged up by Vice). He doesn’t seem to pay attention to passing trends and fads, but somehow always remains ahead of the game. And his latest album is virtually impossible to pigeonhole. After having given ‘The Teac life’ a few spins and examined a little deeper the Hague resident’s treasure trove of warped synthetic textures, we can report that it’s definitely one of the more challenging Legowelt albums.

But this is not a bad thing. There's a calm, lush, understated sense of wide-eyed wonder at play, and it seems as if the producer has let his impeccable arsenal of spine-tingling pop hooks die down in favour of more hypnotic meditations on repetition and melody. One for the dance floor, the after party and the times spent driving your car towards a kaleidoscopic sunset.

Dowload the album "The Teac Life" via and be a pal and donate a little for his broken Juno 106.