New Kenton Slash Demon Video for ‘Ore’



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Directed by our friends at Dark Matters and our former graphic designer, the brilliant Emperor of Antarctica, the promo for Kenton Slash Demon’s new single is a digital acid trip that toys mercilessly with your tender retina.

And the track is a just as mindbendingly rad. ‘Ore’ is a slight shift in tempo and style for the Danish duo as heavily manipulated samples and frantic, stabbing hi-hat-esque pulses weave their way in and out of what becomes a thoroughly atmospheric aural odyssey. There’s something indescribably collosal about Kenton Slash Demon’s ‘Ore’. Undoubtedly, the cosmic conceptualism and celestial motifs employed on previous efforts is alive and well.

Still, it’s nice to hear that the boys like to push themselves and their sound into bold new territory. Needless to say, this ingeniously engineered video that uses cutting edge digital manipulation techniques only serves to further the general air of determined and uncompromising experimentation.

There’s a little bit of Chris Cunningham, a dash of Pfanfinderei and maybe even a smidge of Dalí in this trippy video that dares to boldly go where no one has gone before, as they say in Star Trek.

Simply put: We like everything about this. Go watch it immediately.