New Genre Alert: An Introduction to Zouk Bass

by Jon


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For those of you interested in keeping up with emerging sub-genres of the bass world... For the rest of you it's perfectly fine to stop reading now.

The last few weeks a new sound has emerged, which Buraka Som Sistema has chosen to name Zouk Bass.
The buzz kinda started with their amazing Boiler Room set a while back and a couple of days ago they made a blog post on their label Enchufada's site describing it.

"As if there weren’t enough music genres and subgenres in the world, on February 15th yet another was introduced. This time it was presented by Buraka Som Sistema, live at the first Boiler Room session in their hometown of Lisbon. Those first 15 minutes of the now legendary set were baptised with a surprising new name: Zouk Bass"

"By lowering the BPM and taking Zouk’s rhythms and melodies to meet the electronic and bass-heavy sounds of the UK underground, a new genre was born inside Buraka Som Sistema’s studio, the exact same place where a few years ago a tropical revolution in dance music was starting."

Last night I decided to compile a short (15 min) mixtape showcasing my favorite tracks in this new and (to me) exciting style.

DJ Beatable - Introduction to Zouk Bass mix