New Flavour in Your Ear: Washed Out – ‘Don’t Give Up’



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Washed Out
Kate Moross

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It doesn’t get much more summery than Washed Out’s latest single that comes with an accompanying jungle-tastic video directed by London-based, multitalented creative, Kate Moross.

It’s funny and sometimes exasperating how musical trends come and go. You may remember that Washed Out was once considered the poster boy of a genre that shall remain unmentionable, mostly because it’s been mentioned so many times in a myriad of different contexts as to render it somewhat meaningless (thanks a lot, internet).

However, Ernest Green AKA Washed Out has proven on more than one occasion that he has the talent and musical wherewithal to outlive shortlived fads. And his latest effort doesn’t veer from this enduring course as ‘Don’t Give Up’ is full of spliff-fueled Club Tropicana-via-Madchester vibes that may not seem all that revelatory at first, but start to worm their way into the percussion-craving, beat-hungry area of your brain like a benign, tropical, dance-inducing disease that causes all sorts of fabulous hallucinations.

Kate Moross’ effortlessly beautiful, colour-filled promo is more or less the perfect backdrop to the music, making this a tight flawless, little package ideal for playing at wasted, Scandinavian barbecues - and we’re quite sure it'll go down a storm at the next tropical gorilla conference. Can you dig it? Yes, you can.