New Flavour in Your Ear: Vessel – ‘Court of Lions’

by Ulrik


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Tri Angle’s latest signing knocks our socks off with a track that sounds like the actual, physical realization of warp drive technology. Ladies and gentlemen, the 22-year-old Bristolian producer known as Vessel is floating in space.

If I had a krone for every time Fact Magazine has alerted me to arrestingly awesome new music, I’d be a very rich Danish man indeed. The cutting-edge hits just keep on coming to the point where you would probably have to quit your job if you were to keep up with the relentless cascade of quality features so generously dispersed by the Fact Magazine camp.

Case in point, is this invigorating journey into sound that starts off on an eerie sound art tip and develops into the soundtrack for what it might sound like if someone in the year 2077 made a movie about Barack Obama’s consciousness being uploaded into a transhuman device that had to endure terrible conflict before it could finally bring about the next chapter in human evolution. Or something.

If that description sounds ill conceived, I extend my sincerest apologies. Words seem unable to cover the full scope of this entirely new brand of murky, hi-tech, industrial dance music, which somehow seems intent on making machines come alive.

And the fact that experiments with warp drive technology have been set in motion around the same time as this track was released on the web is a little uncanny, don’t you think? Coincidence? We think not!