New Flavour in Your Ear: Tomas Barfod – Pulsing (Feat. Nina Kinert)



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Tomas Barfod
Secretly Canadian

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A buoyant, joyous track with hints of bittersweet electronic pulses, Tomas Barfod’s latest single provides a promising start to the year.

Tomas recently told us that he’s been making the transition from DJ/producer to Producer with a capital P.

This makes quite a bit of sense when you listen to his latest single, an ambitious, nuanced and delectably ambiguous track, which isn’t easily reducible to categories like ‘dance music’ or ‘indie.’ It’s probably somewhere in-between, but it still has its own distinct voice, which is, in our opinion, very uniquely Tomas.

We dare say that it sounds like Tomas’ recent signing to the diverse roster of the Secretly Canadian label has given our friend a solid, inspirational kick up the backside.

Don’t sleep on the album, which will be dropping next month.