New Flavour in Your Ear: The Deep - Singular Silence (Pieces of Juno mix)

by Ulrik


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The Deep

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The Deep are an intriguing, new Los Angeles-based electronic sci-fi duo shrouded in enticing conceptual mystery. Their new single Singular Silence has created quite a bit of stir in the blogosphere, partially because it’s backed up by a hefty arsenal of remarkable remixes - such as this wonderfully unpredictable, Björk-resembling Pieces of Juno mix that we’re particularly taken with here at AIAIAI HQ.

Some of us need a bit of mystery in our lives from time to time. Call me a detached nerd if you must, but isn’t the secular world an awfully dreary place now that pesky science has unlocked the last remaining enigmas of the world?

That would seem to be the uninspiring state of affairs that ‘fantasy-fi’ duo The Deep aim to change by reinstilling some grand, wide-eyed, delightfully elusive narratives in electronic music:

The sound is both sweepingly atmospheric and uncannily familiar. As if you just woke up from a half-forgotten dream that you vaguely remember featured all the constituent elements of Avatar except that it was warped through your overactive imagination and turned into an unrecognizable epic starring James Franco, Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Lawrence.

This thoroughly excellent remix by Pieces of Juno is high on Drukqs-era Aphex Twin and adds some seriously bouncy bassy vibes once you get a minute or so into the track. Not sure what you call this. Zen garden bass? Kawaii-step? Björk-boogie? Whatever it is, it’s an intense, smile-inducing ride and we can’t get enough. Give it a listen:

And check out more on The Deep here: