New Flavour in Your Ear: Neeon - 'Zero Gravity'

by Ulrik


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Just in time for the summer, Neeon made the French touched electronic pop album that a lot of people were expecting from Daft Punk. Step inside and surrender your inhibitions to German-based Neeon's effortless, warm and impeccably produced 'Zero Gravity'

Just like it did with the rest of the world, Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' divided our office into two entrenched camps that either hated it or loved it. The haters (yup, that's what you are) said that the drums were too weak, the timing all wrong and that this was an album made by middle-aged, out-of-touch men who should go back to the drawing board.

Personally, I absolutely loved it. I could write lengthy essays, not to mention odes to Bangalter and de Homem-Christo's dense condensation of influences into one confusing, yet utterly stunning masterpiece. But let's leave it at that before I stir up another equally lengthy discussion that doesn't go anywhere.

In any case, I suspect that music lovers who felt cheated by the lack of Da Funk on 'Random Access Memories' should be able to get heavily on board with Neeon's gleaming, dynamic pop that targets both the head and the ass in equal, life-affirming measure. It's fresh, imaginative and catchy as all hell.

Have a listen to this tasty, impeccably produced little ditty and go and download Neeon's new album - free of charge - right here.