New Flavour in Your Ear: Martyn & copeland – ‘Love of Pleasure’



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Taken from Martyn’s upcoming album ‘ The Air Between Words’ set to drop on Ninjatune on the 16th of June, ‘Love of Pleasure’ features copeland AKA Inga Copeland formerly of Hype Williams, as well as spooky, cavernous, dubby synths, otherworldly piano and delightfully woozy club-isms. It certainly put a big smile on our faces. Check it out.

Martyn’s recent signing to Ninjatune is an interesting event in contemporary dance music. The label, which initially made a name for themselves with forward-thinking beats, experimental hip hop and jazz-infused electronic music, have a proven track record when it comes to the nurturing and promotion of music that’s hard to categorize.

And by the sounds of Martyn’s latest jam, a clubby-yet- drowsy number with deconstructed drums and haunting, piercing vocals supplied by copeland, that’s pretty much what they have on their hands again.

‘Love of Pleasure’ is an entrancingly rich mish-mash of new, old, familiar and alien sounds. Martyn has set the creative bar high and it sounds like he’s found the perfect home at Ninjatune:

Bonus info: Martyn’s New 'Forgiveness' EP drops today on the consistently brilliant label. Go get it - and remember to make room for the extremely promising album too.