New Flavour in Your Ear: 'Lords of Midnite – Drown in Ur Love’

by Ulrik


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Unknown to the Unknown

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Rising underground label Unknown to the Unknown once again up the ante in the house music stakes with new bit of heat from Lords of Midnite - which we strongly suspect might be another one of Legowelt AKA Danny Wolfer’s multifarious guises. ‘Drown in Your Love’ is everything a summer banger should be with its drifting, aquatic synths, smudged, deconctructed ‘ardcore drum patterns and what you might call ‘xxx-rated, tropical motifs.’, if you were so frivolously inclined.

The release of this gem is a particularly pleasant surprise as it’s been way too long since we’ve heard news from good old Legowelt, the Dutchman you can always rely on for sweaty, psychedelic house music. His latest efforts packs a powerful drum punch and contains that indefinable Legowelt magic we’ve come to expect from one of the most interesting synth-fetishising producers of the 21st century. This is basically the aural equivalent of macheting your way through a mysterious, impenetrable Amazon wilderness on the heels of a local guide scared out of his wits and a pack of carriers fearful of the wrath of their local deity. Or something.

As always, Danny Wolfers makes music that’s fit for both the dance floor and your headphones. Check it out.

And go buy the vinyl from Boomkat.