Review: Leif // Dinas Oleu


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A few weeks ago Fear Of Flying, the British label led by Ben Micklewright aka BLM and Jay Massive, timidly propelled a ticking bomb into the world of electronic music: Leif Knowles’ first LP, displays the intriguing name ‘Dinas Oleu’ and enigmatic lomo picture. Fear of Flying has proven through the years its talent in surprising its faithful and growing audience, selecting with great care artists from many horizons, developing through the releases an eclecticism which has become a sign of superior high-caliber music.

Leif have released a considerable number of EPs in the past decade: alone or together with his associate Tom Ellis, with whom he founded the underground oriented label Trimsound. With Dinas Oleu, Leif exercises his first long player yet doesn’t suffer from it. In fact, through the hour Leif finds in the record the necessary space to realise a piece that probably tops everything he has composed in the past –and the task wasn’t easy.

Dinas Oleu will take you through rich instrumentations disposed in complex layers, oscillating between the freshness of its melodies, and the vertiginous depth of its textures. In his work, Leif plays on its influences and exposes them with brio: from the analogue coldness of TM404 to Gold Panda’s extravagant harmonic juxtaposition, not to forget the warmth of Pépé Bradock’s housy chords. Leif incorporates just enough delightful vocals to enhance his musical digressions. It results in a particularly moving experience, taking Leif’s already ponderous dreamy touch to another level.

Leif conveyed a complex energy throughout Dinas Oleu, making the 10 tracks composing the LP peculiar and independent worlds, yet part of the same magical universe. Despite the fact most of the songs, such as the love at first listen Belief And Experience, have a really strong identity, it doesn’t prevent the whole LP from being bounded with a powerful coherence, transforming all these incredible tracks into a unique magical harmony. Dinas Oleu isn’t just another Deep House LP, Leif’s work is a masterpiece which will surely become a reference in its genre and would deserve to reach the edges of the forthcoming Top albums of 2013.

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