New Flavour in Your Ear: Legowelt – ‘Los Alamos Motel’ 12”

by Ulrik


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Our tireless support for Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt AKA a lot of other pseudonyms knows no bounds. We’re particularly excited by his latest offering, a dreamy slab of vinyl packing four tracks of deep and dirty mission music.

If you’re a Legowelt fan, you’ll recognize the bespectacled Hague-resident’s signature production immediately. If you're new to his unique brand of machine-funk, we’d say you’re still in for a treat, even if you have no more than a passing interest in synth-driven, electronic music.

The ‘Los Alamos Motel’ 12” is basically vintage Legowelt. The delicious depth and smudged, warped textures that only a person who lives in a house filled to the brim with rare and exotic old synths and drum machines can conjure up permeates the sound, making us generate wonderful vistas of Manga characters cruising down New Mexico streets all looked over by swaying palm trees and glittering stars.

Get back on that Legowelt train to Hazyville:

The ‘Los Alamos Motel 12” is out now on People’s Potential Unlimited.