New Flavour in Your Ear: Kitkaliitto – ’Twin Suns’

by Ulrik


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Helsinki-based outfit, Kitkaliitto, are here to soothe your post-holiday blues with soaring, analogue bleeps and gorgeous, acoustic guitar.

Back to reality and, yes, here comes post-Easter gravity all up in your face like a scary math teacher. But luckily we’ve got just the thing to tide you over and ease the pain: They’re called Kitkaliitto, they’re from Finland and they recorded the promo to their lush, Boards of Canada-esque single on the same Nokia phone. No post-production, no smokes, mirrors, or anything that might smell of trickery and deception.

Now the thing about acoustic guitar in an electronic context is that if you’re not careful and measured in your endeavors, the whole thing can all too easily give off an unpleasant whiff of prog-wank. As in closed eyes, greasy beards and 8-hour keyboard solos.

But Kitkaliitto’s decidedly economic implementation of the acoustic guitar by way of Finnish guitar legend, Petteri Sariola, makes ‘Twin Suns’ a track that hits all the right serotonin-inducing pleasure buttons in your brain while avoiding the abundance of trapdoors leading into dubious prog territory.

Joy and sadness, big ideas and open highways make up this gem of a track that has us eagerly anticipating the next move from Kitkaliitto - which, as it happens, will be an LP with the ambitious title: ‘Theory of Everything’. Stay tuned.