New Flavour in Your Ear: Jungle

by Barbara


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- a blast of warm tropical breeze and a treat for the ears and the eyes. During the summer a video of a very cool six-year-old girl doing breakdance to a very groovy tune was released online. The girl is called B-Girl Terra, the band behind the tune is called Jungle, and they've quickly become a band to watch.

Jungle consists of the two front men “T” and “J”, but as they put it themselves, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Jungle are a whole horde of people who help to create the sound, which has during the past six months been blowing up like a warm breeze from the floor of London’s music scene.

Accompanied by the video of B-Girl Terra, who has become quite the internet and TV sensation, Jungle released their first double single in July called Platoon/Drops via Chess Club Records. And they definitely have a knack for awesome videos, which they proved again in October when they dropped their second double single called The Heat/Lucky I Got What I Want, followed by a video of “T” and “J” doing an impressive synchronized rollerskate dance in old school tracksuits.

Their sound is a mix of electro-funk and soul, with a little bit of tribal mixed in, and it makes you dream of the funky 70ies and warmer weather. Which is a pretty powerfull and seductive sound in cold and clammy northern Europe. Once they finish signing their record deal, as they, according to their busy press people are just about to do, more groovy electro soul will head our way. Until then youtube the hell out of them, which is in this case is not a bad compromise.