New Flavour in Your Ear: Jean Nipon – ‘Put it in the Trunk/Black Things On Desk/35 Thieves’

by Ulrik


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Jean Nipon

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Our Parisian homies from ClekClekBoom sent us a preview of their 8th label release, which are three dark and dangerous bangers from enigmatic Institubes regular, Jean Nipon. It’s basically the next level dance floor jams you never knew you needed in your life.

According to the ClekClekBoom crew their 8th release, set to drop mid-December is: ‘hard-hitting, deftly-produced, dance-floor menace. “Put It In The Trunk” combines cascading percussion, disturbingly nonchalant vocal snippets and deep, propulsive, subs.

With “Black Things On Desk” Jean Nipon employs unnervingly detuned vocal samples woven into irresistibly pulsating, punchy percussion. The final tune, “35 Thieves” sees our enigmatic wizzard drop subtle snatches of melody in amongst a grooving beat which, as ever, strikes the perfect balance between toughness and delicacy.’

And for once we’re inclined to swallow a promo description hook line and sinker mainly because the accompanying tracks are so fucking tight. We really like the stripped-down, cutting-edge wizardry that cats like Girl Unit, Bambounou - and now Jean Nipon - are adding to the dance floor. This really is some of the illest shit around right now and it goes without saying that it has full and unbridled AIAIAI support. Check out the preview below. Big up, ClekClekBoom.