New Flavour in Your Ear: Hemingway "Ace Neptune (Jokers of the Scene Remix)"

by Ulrik


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Jokers of the Scene

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A few months ago our friend James from the venerable Throne of Blood label sent us a mix from TOB signees Bohemian Groove because he thought we might dig it. Turns out we loved it and that made us dig a little deeper into Bohemian Groove who are actually comprised of members of Renaissance Man and Jokers of the Scene, the latter of which are responsible for this remix that’s about to get all up in your Monday face in the most thrilling of ways.

Kicking things off with immersive, atmospheric oldschool rave vibes and deftly placed 808 clicks, it takes a full three minutes before the shift kicks you right in your unexpecting teeth; The ‘drop’ hits and the alteration in mood is so suprising that there’s a split second where you actually wonder if you’re listening to the same track.

We’re thinking that this remix could do quite a bit of damage when dropped at the right time and place. Jokers of the Scene create just enough space around that gloriously full and penetrating synth to make it a peak time belter for the open-minded dance floor. Give it a listen: