New Flavour in Your Ear: Haim – ‘Forever’

by Ulrik


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Well slap me sideways, three intense-looking chicks just went and stole the title for:’ Best breezy but busy, sun-kissed Friday ditty’. And let’s face it, the competition in that category is fierce.

It’s funny how things go in circles. We’re obviously quite heavily into electronic music in all shapes and forms, but there are times when we need a bit of guitar-based, new flavour in our ears to go with our Friday morning coffee. This is one of those times. After a lengthy immersion in Boiler Room’s tight & tasteful techno and rambunctious, maximalist new hip hop, we’re ready for three sensitive ladies who sing and play guitar.

Besides, ‘Forever’ is one of those insanely catchy tunes that makes you want to dance around and throw shapes like a drunk uncle at a wedding who’s too high on life to realize that he’s embarrassing the hell out everyone. It kind of makes you the star of your own John Hughes movie. And no matter what kind of criteria or critique you try to impose on that, we think you’ll agree that this is hard to mess with.

Haim’s latest track initially comes off like a sped up Paul Simon song, but later reveals an impressive tightness as every handclap is meticulously timed and sharp to the point of piercing. Likewise, the intermittently applied lead guitar sounds like a tightly wound chainsaw on the verge of going out of control, but it never does, of course, because the whole affair is so goddamn lean, controlled and - I think I’ll just go ahead and use that word again - tight.

If it wasn’t Friday before, it certainly is now.