New Flavour in Your Ear: Girl Unit - 'Club Rez EP'

by Ulrik


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Ever wondered what it would sound like if Boddika had collaborated with Johnny Jewel on the Drive soundtrack? Girl Unit’s got your back on that one. Next level freshness right here.

Girl Unit is that guy, the UK geezer that birthed the gargantuan hit,’Wut’ a couple of years back. He’s also been responsible for a string of decent efforts on the most excellent Night Slugs label, but to be honest we haven’t really been going as mental for his output as everyone else seem to have. It was nice enough and showed exciting potential and this and that, but it just felt like the post-dubstep producer was a bit…well, restrained, for lack of a better word. Afraid to really let it rip and blow everyone’s mind like a beat-dropping boss.

Until now, that is. Where his previous releases have, in our opinion, been dominated by a somewhat distanced air of style-conscious, good taste, the ‘Club Rez EP', is throwing all caution to the wind and infusing the sparse but busy, minimal bass productions with glowing, neon-tinted waves of electro-funk in the vein of the mighty DMX Krew. It’s as untimely as can be at a moment in dance music where the blogosphere is suffering from heavy 80s fatigue and the synth-noodling that dominated the 00s is losing its hold on popular culture. And maybe that’s why it feels so right - so deliciously inappropriate?

Undoubtedly, it plays a significant part in the overall quality of the ‘Club Rez EP’ that Girl Unit’s tight and sleek, ultramodern production grounds the flamboyant synth-excursions in a firm, vicelike grip that you might say prevents them from fucking around too much and letting things descend into pastiche.

But there’s also an unseen, indecipherable X-factor at play here. Hot meets cold, dry encounters wet, darkness meets white light – and perhaps girl meets boy? – in this oppositional melting pot of proper bionic body-funk that will in all likelihood soundtrack much of summer’s life-affirming dancing on the ceilings.

Get it here: Boomkat