New Flavour in Your Ear: Gazelle Twin – ‘Changelings (John Foxx & The Maths Remix)'

by Ulrik


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On this rainy Wednesday in April, an otherworldly sonic nugget perfectly suited to the sombre atmosphere fell in our lap. For fans of Grimes, Austra and good music.

Do we ever tire of eerie, atmospheric synth escapades? Yes, quite often actually. But this skillfully crafted slice of wraith-pop, remixed by synth legend John Foxx has a sense of wide-eyed wonder about it that becomes wholly irresistible after a few listens, as the partially unintelligible, operatic vocals weave an intense but delicate tapestry that’s curiously, upliftingly medieval. It’s as if Lady Marian has come to life as a synth freak and started sending out beckoning calls to Robin Hood from her captivity in the back room of a grimy East London club.

The John Foxx & The Maths remix of Gazelle Twin’s single creates a kind of hypnotic, circular dream time that you can easily get lost in. But the track does, of course, end at some point in linear, real time and that’s when you crave an extra helping of the gentle but firm propulsion brought on by throbbing electronic pulses and floating, ghostly voices.

It's yet more proof that the best things very often leave you wanting more. And in this particular case, it’s only made worse by the fact that there’s no real hook or climax in the track. It prods and teases, but never delivers a full release. Time to give it another spin, then...

Via The Quietus