New Flavour in Your Ear: Empire of the Sun – DNA (Ta-Ku Remix)



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- in which our favorite Aussie beatsmith deconstructs, and revitalizes Empire of the Sun’s original to deliciously bouncy effects.

As you may have heard, Australian electronic music is on a bit of roll at the moment. Producers like Flume and the modern renaissance man that is Ta-Ku are taking the world's more with-it dance floors by storm with a diverse sound that's equal parts bassy, atmospheric and emotive.

Case in point is Ta-Ku's latest efforts that comes correct with delighfully wonky strings, 808 handclaps and straight up pounding bass; It's sophisticated but immediate, pensive but full-on - and ultimately the kind of track that wants to pick you up from the ground and slap you around a bit.

Give it a listen: