New Flavour in Your Ear: Broken Twin

by Ulrik


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Broken Twin

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Aching, frail vocals sung just above a whisper, chiming piano and gauzy, trip hop-y soundscapes are the order of the day as Majke Voss Romme AKA Broken Twin takes you through her vulnerable emotional register that articulates the familiar but still affecting tales of longing and loss.

Did someone say Monday music? It’s definitely a sound you need to be in a particular state of mind to appreciate. The kind of state that longs for dust-covered instruments, affecting melancholy and spectacularly earnest vocals.

Broken Twin is the ear-pleasuring sound of strings being plucked, keys being hit and lyrics being sung breathlessly and mournfully. It’s as if Majke herself is stood right next to you, sighing her ethereal message into your unsuspecting ear, and it’s not without its moments of bittersweet triumph. It also sounds like the mic has been placed extremely close to each instrument, which is in all probability what gives you the sensation of being right there in Broken Twin’s decaying lighthouse of transient dreams.

This is, in other words, the perfect antidote to a long weekend spent at the rave. Have a listen: