New Flavour in Your Ear: B. Riddim

by Ulrik


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Parked in a warped, experimental intersection somewhere between dub, jungle, and contemporary bass music, B. Riddim’s new EP on Third Ear Recordings is the freshest ting we’ve heard in ages.

As it’s very often the case with good and interesting music, you have to really listen to appreciate the versatility, nuance and depth of B. Riddim’s dub-flavoured, electronic bedroom jams.

It’s not that the upbeat melancholy of ‘In Theory’ doesn’t grab your attention straight away (it does), but rather that the more intently you listen to the morphing bass, the organic clicks, and the subtle syncopations, the deeper into the wonderfully faded, vibrating soundscapes you go. And hence the more you get out of the music, to put it bluntly.

Out now on London’s Third Ear Recordings, this record could grow into a full-blown summer banger if you let it mess sufficiently with your head. In other words, it’s a grower.

Get it here: Boomkat