New Flavour in Your Ear: Aster - 'Danza'



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Okay, so this particular flavour isn’t completely new. Aster’s 'Danza' was released at the beginning of this month… but we hope you can let the slight lateness slide when you immerse yourself in the all-around sickness of this tune.

Hivern Discs are still going strong, an undisputible fact, which this badman record is a lush, sonic testament to. Ital of 100 % Silk fame remixes Danza and turns it into a bouncy affair that chugs along at a medium pace and exhibits strong abilities in the chanting–of-medieaval-Spanish-obscenities department (we hope). Moreover, after a few listens we’re getting increasingly convinced that it’ll be a conqueror of the world’s more with-it dance floors.

The original is a nicely blissed-out analogue house odyssey that eschews hands-in-the-air prime time thumps in favour of the sort of subtle, affecting elegance, which it’s quite frankly hard to come by these days. It’s the sort of track that will serve you well when you’re catching the last rays of sun at a forest lake in July.

Which is now, in case you hadn’t noticed. So get loose to the sun-drenched intensity of Aster’s ‘Danza’. You won’t regret it.