New Flavour in Your Ear: Nightwave - ‘ Rave Hard’

by Ulrik


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Sometimes you have to abandon all notions of decency and rave hard. This is one of those times.

Nightwave AKA Maya Medvesek has always been an interesting musical proposition. You often hear talk about ‘head music’ vs. ‘hip music’ (as in shake your ass music), but in Nightwave’s case that distinction seem redundant. Case in point is her latest single, which comes at you full force with metallic snares and sharp bass assaults that urge you to rave hard, but also prompts the beard-stroking consideration of the writhing sonic textures that lie beneath the surface of all that ravey, bassy cacophony.

Still, this is definitely one for the clubs. The intimidating, grimey clubs, at that. It’s kind of weird that music can be so clever and so delightfully simple at the same time.

Listen to the sound of the bass go boom:

Via Red Bull Music Academy