New Danish Sound

by Diana


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'New Danish Sound' is the title of a mixtape created in collaboration between Danish blog Passive/Aggressive and Brooklyn-based International Mixtapes, where the idea is to, you guessed it, showcase artists from Denmark.
If you think you've heard this one too many times before, hold your horses. This isn't an ordinary compilation presenting just any new sound.

Blogging about blogging; that would seem to qualify as a very 2012 transient phenomenon. Giving credit to those who deserve it, however, is ageless.

Danish blog Passive/Aggressive made a compilation for Brooklyn-based blog International Tapes, who aim to revive and place the idea of cassette mixtapes in the global setting by presenting "lost" sounds from around the world. In this way, the mixtape curated by Passive/Aggressive called 'New Danish Sound' captures the idea of both "new" and "lost" sound in a very clever way.

Without seeking any profit, they aim to help the artists they consider among the very finest, to increase their visibility, by providing an alternative platform for those who make the most insanely great music, but don't rely on the way Danish media system rolls, and therefore hardly ever get the attention they deserve.

You might be asking yourself :"but isn't that what everyone around does these days?" And the answer to that is: "Yes, pretty much". But you wouldn't be able to discover some of these musicians if it weren't for people like Passive/Aggressive. And to be honest, these are not artists one should fail to spot.

The next time you're frustrated about not being able to find good music that would truly impress you, remember that the best place to look is very often right in front of you. That was certainly true in my case when I discovered music from the local Danish scene. Check out the whole thing here