New Biophilia-inspired Documentary Features David Attenborough and Björk

by Ulrik


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Björk’s awe-inspiring ‘Biophilia’ project gets a bit of extra mileage through a new Channel 4 documentary that explores the evolution of music around the world.

Featuring Björk herself and David Attenborough, who previously supplied a spoken-word introduction to Biophilia when it was first introduced at Manchester International Festival in 2011, this music documentary looks set to be filled with the same lofty ambition and optimistically wide-eyed spirit, which characterized Björk’s latest opus.

Whether or not it lives up to this promise is a different matter, but England’s Channel 4 are not exactly known for being sloppy and we get the feeling that neither Björk or David A would have agreed to take part in anything that wasn’t up to scratch.

Looking forward this Saturday, then. Check out the trailer above.

Via FACT Magazine