Network Awesome: The New and Exciting Television Experience of Today!

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Network Awesome
Jason Forrest

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Love TV but hate most of the mindless drivel that it churns out? Network Awesome's got your back.

We all love TV and we all love to spend our time watching it. But there are moments when we feel guilty about watching too much crap and wasting our time on something that doesn't necessarily enhance our intellect because it's too superficial. And even those who have forgotten about regular TV a while back and spend the time reserved for entertainment in front of their computer, often find themselves in a real pickle; if we don't have the right filter, the content overload spread on the internet can trigger an unhealthy amount of frustration.

And this is where Network Awesome comes in and kicks everyone's ass.

Behind this lovely idea stands an electronic musician, creative director and founder of Network Awesome, Jason Forrest, and here he gives you a hint about the project:

“There's a fantastic amount of incredible TV shows, movies, interviews, and videos that are just not getting the exposure they deserve. I started to wonder what would happen if someone put all these bits of culture together - and this is the main concept behind Network Awesome - we are passionate about sharing what we think is interesting, entertaining and culturally relevant. It's like with your friends - you say "Cool, look at this!"

Packed with great music, TV shows, art and more, Network Awesome is where you want to spend your time if you're looking for top-notch entertainment while pimping up your nerdiness. They're masters at curating bizarre, freaky, amusing, clever and all in all very interesting content. The project was just launched in the beginning of 2011, which means they definitely have more up their sleeves. Stay tuned right here