Musikdagen - Copenhagen's Coziest Festival


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Musikdagen is yet another of Denmark's somewhat infinite number of Festivals, but still one of the odd ones out. The seasoned gentlemen and now schoolteacher Paw Seitzberg is one of two people behind the one-day festival. Daniel had a talk to him about the festival, it's ongoing upgrades and his own improvisational "fuck-up" act T.R.I.

The 10th of August 2013 is Musikdagens fifth year running. Launched by Paw Seitzberg and Lasse Meyer in 2008, the small one-day festival is one of Copenhagen's coziest and finest music experiences of the year. Located in Copenhagen Cable Park, a surfing and wake boarding facility on Amager, and is comprised of two stages - "Hovedscenen" and "Surfscenen". The line-up this year includes acts as Rewolmer, Taragana Pyjarama, Kasper Marott, Ice Cream Cathedral and Erosion Flow.

Paw and Lasse have been in the booking game since 2006 with their former music agency InkInk. Starting out with doing secret, illegal concerts in the basement of the late Dunkel and gradually moving up to doing concert shows all over Denmark with the highly prominent bands they had on the Agency. Names that might ring a bell, Vinnie Who, Freja Loeb and Taragana Pyjarama, were all more or less spotted by the InkInk agency. So making a festival was the natural next-step for Paw and Lasse.

Why did you and Lasse start Musikdagen?
We started Musikdagen because we wanted to have a full day to showcase all our bands from the agency plus more unknown, yet highly talented constellations. We regard it as sort of like Spot Festival ourselves. We closed down InkInk a few years back and now we put all our work and effort into Musikdagen.

The concept of Musikdagen is super simple. It's free music, great acts and a cozy environment. We dislike being fancy and over exaggerating the festival for more than it is. Because it is all about just having a great day with great music and friends

You've made quite a few changes and upgrades to the festival from last year. What has happened?
Last year we launched our second stage - "Surfscenen" - which is solely for electronic music, while "Hovedscenen" is for band-oriented live music. Rock, indie etc.

All the other years we have had DJ's playing as acts, but this year we are also moving away from that and now only have live shows. We do have our in-house dj and good friend Samuel André Madsen playing between the acts on "Hovedscenen", but all acts are live-constellations.

This year none of the concerts clash with each other on the two stages, so you can hear all the concerts of the day if you like. Of-course, Samuel will still be playing between the acts on "Hovedscenen", as I just said, but the main acts will not clash. It will hopefully give Musikdagen a more festival-like feeling. I'm super excited to see how it works out!

Besides these changes, you told me that the Surf-stage has undergone some major changes regarding the setup of the stage. What are these changes exactly?
This stage is going to look BADASS! It is going to be raised over the water next to the bridge where the surfers are jumping onto the water from - hence the name "Surfscenen". We are also opening up for our guests to jump in the water for a swim there! So the bridge is going to be a mayhem of surfer dudes, people partying, music playing and people swimming.

Here's an unfair question for the booker. Who are you looking forward to the most?
Uhhm.. [thinks for a minute]. I quite like Halasan Bazar, who's playing on the main-stage. It's a psychedelic, 60's reminiscent rock project. I have a huge love for psychedelic rock groups who are kinda un-tight and kinda weird. I can't wait to hear Kasper Marott as well. I have been following Kasper for quite a few years. I remember meeting Kasper at the old Ritz in Istedgade (R.I.P.) 5 years ago when he was what? 16-17 years old?

That seems about right. I think he is 21 now.
Yeah. Ever since I met him there he has sent me dousins if not hundreds of tracks. He has really found his sound over the last half year though, so I'm thrilled to have him on the line-up this year. Also because I haven't heard his infamous live-set yet!

You are also playing the festival as T.R.I. Tell me a bit about the project.
T.R.I is Lasse Buhl, Jacob Eriksen and me. It is a 100% improvised techno live set. It started out a few years back just as a fun side-project and we've only played live together under a handful times. We only prepare ourselves individually and don't rehearse at all before a show. Lasse is the beat-maker, Jacob controls the effects and I take care of the synths and melodies.

As it is 100% improvised, has major fuck-ups ever occurred?
Oh yes, we almost always fuck-up at some point when we play [chuckles]. But we also challenge our-selves quite a bit. The three computers that we use for the show are not synchronized. So it's pretty hard to avoid fucking up just due to that fact. But that's the charm about our trio-project. Un-synchronized electronic music can be something truly special compared to normal machine-like, synchronized electronic music.

Pellarin & Lenler (Statler & Waldorf, Copenhagen dub techno duo) never synchronizes their music either I believe.
Yeah exactly, and their productions and shows are unbelievably!

Indeed! I think I got all I wanted. Thanks for the time, Paw! See you tomorrow.
Thank you! See you all out there!

Musikdagen is tomorrow at The Copenhagen Cable Park close to Kløvermarken, Amager.