Music Tech Fest in London

by Diana


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Music Tech Fest

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Diana went to Music Tech Fest in London. It was quite a show, apparently.

If, by any chance, you wanted to be at the place with the highest concentration of visionary geeks last weekend then you should have been at the Music Tech Fest in London. Because there were plenty of interactive events, talks, live interviews, workshops and audiovisual installations focusing on the current trends within the music ecosystem, and people had a chance to work together with professionals, while trying out a wide array of different things. They could, for example, ponder over how they were applicable to a number of issues faced by consumers, app creators, different music platforms and what have you.

Workshops revolved around unusual ways of experiencing music, such as colored hearing, and the most intriguing part was the Hack Camp (with sleeping bags and everything) led by Ariel Elkin from the London's Hack Space. He was exploring different ways of hacking things, and this meant anything people could bring, from old-school LED lightsabers to a fridge. Certain tech enthusiasts wired a ping pong table which was then playing music according to how good the game went, or in other words, the music was generated by the bpm of the players' motions.

The festival included everyone from big labels and industry professionals to many small players you may not even know of, which is what made it so attractive. Truly an event that would knock your socks off if you're into music and new technologies, and love the endless possibilities that the music tech ecosystem has at its disposal. Going to next year's event comes highly recommended.