Music on Intuition

by Ulrik


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Pieter Jan Pieters
Teenage Engineering

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Pieter-Jan Pieters formerly affilliated with our friends at Teenage Engineering and currently doing the rounds on Tedx just sent us his latest project, which aims to commercialize a series of devices (midi-controllers) that work on movement, drawing, heartbeat, and other analog gestures. It’s utterly arresting and right up our alley.

Sound moves in mysterious ways. But luckily those ways are controllable and transmutable with the right equipment, and a good deal of experience in working with the medium. When you add an inquisitive, creative mind to the proceedings things can get a little bit special and that’s precisely what we’re prepared to call Pieter-Jan Pieters’ latest project that let’s you shape sound with movement.

Controlling sound through human movement is, of course, nothing new. The Theremin has almost been around for a century and there are quite a few modern devices that perform the same party trick. But Pieters places himself one step ahead of the game with technology that differentiates and specifies.

As the Dutch designer puts it:’ Music on Intuition is a project consisting of five instruments that translate your movement into sound. Imagine making a waving motion with your arm would result into a waving sound. When you want to hit a high note, you literally have to reach high, or that tapping your foot or finger would be translated into a rhythm , and that the tempo of that rhythm would be controlled by your heart beat.

All our movements are unique, conscious or unconscious. “sound on intuition” captures this uniqueness and transforms it into sound.’

We really like the idea of sound being equivalent to movement and think there should be quite a bit of potential to be tapped in this particular area of experimental sound design.

Have a look and a listen above.