Movember is upon us and the AIAIAI Soundtrack is in place

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Check out this new, moustache-riffic soundtrack we made for Movember is a global movement that urges men to grow moustaches in November to raise awareness for men’s health. You could argue that there are better ways of raising health awareness. But you would be wrong.

The moustache. A form of facial hair so extravagant that it was unthinkable to rock in the grungy 90s. Unless you were a suburban dad who found it hard to let go of his soft-rock-listening glory days. But then something happened around the turn of the new millennium. The 80s, and thus everything sleazy and moustache-related, began to find favour with the bright young things of the world’s cultural capitals. Stupid moustaches were spotted in Berlin and New York , and the rest of the world soon followed suit in what became a veritable moustache epidemic.

In 2011 the moustache is imbued with a curious energy. No longer subversive, but still able to turn any regular Joe into a flamboyant, gay submarine captain on shore-leave (in the Cayman Islands), it's loved and loathed in equal measure. We love it, of course. I guess I have to say this since our moustachioed sales manager will most likely make life difficult for me if I said the opposite. But it's also hard not to support a worthy cause like men's health awareness and that is, in actual fact, why we made this rocking soundtrack, featuring artists who all rocked moustaches in their own charismatic way. Enjoy the hell out of it – and while you're at it, why not grow your own, spectacular walrus moustache in support of Movember?

DFA 1979 – "Pull Out"

Remember when DFA 1979 was the coolest band on the planet? This was partly down to the bass player's moustache that was so thick, overblown and virile that it made the girls randy and the guys super jealous.

Gogol Bordello – "Start Wearing Purple"

The lead singer of Gogol Bordello has the greatest moustache in the history of moustaches. A moustache so impeccable that all other moustaches are reduced to pitiful sub-par moustaches. Eugene Hutz runs moustache circles around your moustache that isn't even fit to be called a moustache. Moustache.

Prince – "When Doves cry"

If I was a tiny, musical genius from the planet FUNK with little or no common sense, I would wear tight, purple, body-hugging jumpsuits and a moustache. Just like Prince.

Kid Kishore - "Klap Perker".

This crazy, Danish, police uniform-wearing cat came out of nowhere somewhere around 2006. He had a moustache. That is all.

Le Tigre – "Deceptacon"

So this is a very different kind of Moustache. J.D Samson from Le Tigre is not a dude, you see. Granted, it's not the world's bushiest 'tache, but she rocks it like a champ and in the end isn't that what's important when it comes to the not so subtle art of moustache-wearing?

Motörhead - "Ace of Spades"

Just mentioning Lemmy's beard seems blasphemous at all levels and probably also carries a liability risk, since this particular, brisky handlebar-moustache is a registered trademark at par with a half-eaten apple or a happy clown. If Woody Guthrie's guitar could kill facists, we wouldn"t be surprised if Lemmy's moustache turns out to be the cure for cancer.

Blaze Foley - "No Goodwill Stores in Waikiki"

A good friend of Townes Van Zandt and the protagonist in Lucinda Williams', "Drunken Angel", Blaze Foley was a true Texas original, who would at times be seen strutting the streets of Austin in a suit made entirely out of duct tape. Blaze's moustache belongs in the bushy, uncombed category as do many of his great songs. All hail the Duct Tape Messiah!

Steve Young - "Alabama Highway"

This masterpiece of a song and the great footage is from the 1981 documentary, "Heartworn Highways", which portrays some of the central figures of the Outlaw Country movement in Texas in the last weeks of 1975. An absolute must-see. Steve's moustache is classic cowboy with a twist of San Francisco anno 1975 - just like the man himself.

Blue Öyster Cult - "Don't Fear the Reaper"

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser's moustache has a particular 70's vibe to it, which would be next to impossible to re-create in this day and age. When your band's name is an anagram of Cully Stout Beer you don't really give a shit and the same sly indifference seems to have formed Donald's moustache. Ask for more cowbell and Happy from Sons of Anarchy will come looking for you.

Frank Zappa - "Stink Foot"

Zappa's facial hair does unsurprisingly fall into the avant-garde category - the combination of a Georges Clemenceau-like, walrussy moustache with the the upside-down Adolf small-patch action below the lower lip is distinct Zappa - not be carried lightly. So don't venture into this unless you're thinking of starting a dental floss farm or you're an inventive mother... in some other way.

Giorgio Moroder - "The Chase"

A Last minute entry, we can"t believe we almost forgot about Giorgio Moroder! Take us into the future, Lord of the electro-disco moustache.

Moustaches can be tough to pull off. If you"re a normal, middle-class sort of guy, shaving your face and leaving hair below your nose can seem daunting. But like Blue Oyster Cult said: Don't fear the reaper. Let it grow and have a nice weekend!