Mogees: Transform Any Surface Into An Interactive Sound Board

by Tobias


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Bruno Zamborlin

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Making everything you can think of, from bus stop windows to trees, into a soundboard may not be exactly the thing you dreamt of, but that doesn’t make the realization of said idea any less spectacular.

The futuristic hits just keep on coming, it would seem. Last week we stumbled upon the decidedly advanced Cubify printer and this week, Mogees, the state of the art technology that lets you turn random surfaces into sound is here to convince us that we live in interesting times.

Using gesture recognition technology that detects different kind of ‘fingers-touch’ and subsequently associates them with different sounds, Bruno Zamborlin’s Mogees plays any rigid surface when you stick a microphone on it.

At present we’re not 100% certain how you can implement the ingenious little sound device, but it sure does give its owner the option of busting a neat party trick when the socializing has gone a bit stale. Just whip out the Mogees – and hey presto! You’ll be the center of attention faster than you can say ‘Interactive sound board’.