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Mix Copenhagen

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Cinemas all over Denmark are alive with LesbianGayBiTransQueer-related films this week. MIX Copenhagen (the former Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival) is on for the 27th time and brings the newest of LGBTQ-themed film making to the Danish viewers.

The program is a mix of documentaries, feature films and shorts. It's also a mix of genres and themes – all centered around sexuality and sexual minorities. There's a clear message running through MIX's program: that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals – yes, basically anyone who dares to openly manifest that they're something else than plain old hetero-sexual – are still living and loving at unequal odds so many places in this world.

Exciting stuff comes out of turning this message into film. Yours truly has a list of must-sees she's hoping to catch this week:

1) "Laurence Anyways" - French drama by director Xavier Dolan about an acknowledged literature professor, who changes his gender, how his surroundings handle this decision and how it changes his life, relationship, and career. Both story, sound and images look intriguingly beautiful.

2) "I Want Your Love" – Director Travis Mathews depicts men, intimacy and sex in modern day San Francisco. The film has raised attention because of its balance between explicit sex scenes and the intimate, honest portrait a generation of gay men. Mathews' documentary ”In their room: Berlin” is also shown at the festival.

3) ”Love Free Or Die” - Documentary from the life of Bishop Gene Robinson – the first bishop in the Evangelical church to openly call himself a homosexual. An intriguing story of courage and a healthy reminder that old-school, double-standard religiosity still exists in the world.

5) "The Queen" – American documentary from 1968 portraying drag-queens participating in a beauty contest. Divas, drama, glitter and a rare glimpse of life as a drag-queen in the late 1960s.

6) ”Married to the Eiffel Tower” - Some people love objects! And literally so.. The story of the woman who is deeply in love with the Golden Gate Bridge, though married to the Eiffel Tower, is among the weirder experiences MIX offers – and a definite must-see.

On Mix Copenhagen's blog you can read entries about films that made a difference for sexual minorities world-wide.