Maskinrum - Copenhagen’s new concert series for live electronic music


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Maskinrum - the new concert series for live electronic music - is opening on the 23rd of February with wonder kid Sekuoia as the header. The people behind, Simon, Daniel and Niels-Christian, gives a walkthrough of their project.

Maskinrum (machine room in Danish) presents a monthly concert specifically focused on live-played electronic music of all sorts and genres, including drum’n’bass, electronica, ambient, lounge, techno and house. We are especially focusing on the Danish scene, as there are a growing number of producers and electronic musicians who specialize in performing their tracks live on stage.

Launch and line-up
The line-up of the launch on February 23rd at Huset KBH includes the deep and crispy electronica of duo Nature Won and the complex rhythm layers and soothing melodies of the three-piece live act Mana Pool. Headlining this concert is Sekuoia, a Nivå-based producer, whose warm, beat-driven experimentalism have been on everyone’s lips lately. The “hype” certainly isn’t uncalled for, having been billed by Beatport as “one to watch in 2013”, being signed on Berlin-based Project:Mooncircle and having just been announced as the official support act for Danish electro-rockers Veto on their 2013 tour.

Between human and machine
In many ways, live electronic music adheres to the same ideals as a great DJ set. But by definition, Maskinrum will not be presenting any DJ, artists, though there are, of course, a lot of very talented DJ’s around. Rather, we see an opportunity in supporting our hugely popular DJ culture with a live alternative that adheres to the same high standards for exploring electronic music: Maskinrum wants to invite you behind the curtains, so to speak, to experience the music where it is produced and played on the spot in the interplay between human and machine.

Collaborating with graphic designers
As part of the project, we also wanted to expand our focus to include creating unique artwork for each concert that people could take home with them afterwards. So we initiated a collaboration with the talented Turkish photographer and artist Mert Sahbaz aka Pale Grain, who designed a piece with an organic expression to comment on the man-machine-dichotomy.
Each Maskinrum-concert will feature a new and unique poster from an upcoming or established designer. These works will be printed only once in a highly limited stock and sold at Maskinrum shows with all earnings going directly back to the designer.

The Maskinrum podcast series
In March we are spearheading the Maskinrum podcast series with some unique live-recordings from our launch event. And we’re going to be back each month with a new podcast containing only live-recorded material from the latest concerts – which you will exclusively be able to find right here on the AIAIAI blog!

Find out more about our concerts during the spring at Maskinrum on Facebook and make sure you catch the launch show here