MaKey MaKey - the Invention Kit for Everyone (including Your Cat)



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MaKey Makey

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Remember that guy who played Massive Attack’s Teardrop on fruit & veg? Well, this is the actual invention that he used to wow us with! A couple of MIT students dreamt up this brilliantly goofy invention that lets you turn your banana into a keyboard, and makes your cat take pictures of itself when it’s having a drink. Sound weird? It is. But it’s also the very quintessence of awesome.

Here’s how it works:

'The MaKey MaKey uses a USB cord to connect its circuit board to your computer. The circuit board takes over the functionality of certain key on your keyboard or mouse, like the space bar or the mouse click. That is where the fun starts. Using alligator clips you can connect the space bar function of the MaKey MaKey controller to the end of a banana, or a pencil, or a piece of Play-Doh, and make that object the keyboard or mouse input. Just touch your “banana” and you control the functionality of the space bar on the computer.'

How about that. Check out the video and get cracking with the MaKey MaKey. Now that we know j.viewz 'secret' we’ll most certainly give it a try.

Stay tuned for ill-advised experimentation.