Luciano Wants to Lighten up Carl Craig’s ’Techno Face’

by David




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We know it, our fans know it, and now Detroit techno legend Carl Craig knows it too: using the TMA-1 will, in any given context, fill you with so much love and unbridled affection, that you will feel compelled to share it with your immediate surroundings. As a deterrent of negative impulses and increaser of sweaty hugs, the TMA-1 stands unrivaled.

In this latest bit of breakthrough scientific research, it quickly becomes apparent that using other brands can cause severe cases of ‘techno face’. In worst case scenarios this may ultimately lead to half-empty dance floors and, most worryingly of all, frowning/pouty DJs who also display symptoms of the ‘thousand yard electro stare’ last seen in electroclash parties circa 2001.

Needless to say, this tendency is a cause for grave concern and must therefore be met with vigilant resistance at every turn. If you or your fellow ravers suspect an outbreak of techno face, please tune in to for directions on how to avoid partying with an angry face.