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Mysterious, dark and uncompromising techno in all guises, Modern Love has stayed true to its’ unique sound palette of experimental techno. Whether it's the submerged, sub-hundred BPM compositions of Andy Stott or the lush dub of Deepchord or Demdike Stare’s breakbeat techno, the output remains of the highest quality. The Manchester-based label is closing in on its 100th release, which prompted me to consider and compile walkthrough of my personal faves from the Modern Love back catalogue.

Andy Stott's 2010 hit release "Tell Me Anything" was the 12" that introduced me to the label. The trademark slow-paced, chugging dub techno of Andy Stott instantly caught my attention and he has been a favorite of mine ever since.

The following year Stott's New Ground inspired one of the best youtube comments I've ever read: 'This is deep. 10,000 ft. deep'. Comprised of shuffling 808 bass drums, rugged vocal samples and industrial soundscapes, it's undoubtedly one of Stott's finest works, and is completely worthy of the proclamations of its seriously submersive qualities by exuberant youtubers

'Luxury Problems', released in 2012, garnered the high acclaim from reviewers that had been on the cards for a while, and set him off on a world tour. This included a stop at this year's Roskilde Festival. The concert, which had me on the verge of peeing my pants with excitement, managed to live up to my own personal hype vortex. An outstanding show, even at the odd time of 14.00 that it was scheduled for.

G.H. is the moniker of one half of Modern Love duo Pendle Coven, who in 2011 released this beast of a 12". Nasty dark synths, industrial loudness and mean vocal samples.

Claro Intelecto, another of the key players in Modern Love's success, setting out on a deep 4/4 techno work-out.

Continuing with Claro Intelecto, an ever growing side-chained pad accompanied by 808/909 drums with a mean stabbing bass. Simple yet incredibly functional.

Rounding off the list with the legendary DeepChord, the undisputed Detroit masters of dub techno deliver a beautiful ambient piece entitled 'Ocean of Emptiness' from the album 'The Coldest Season.'