Looks Like Music – the Welcome Return of Yuri Suzuki



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Yuri Suzuki
AIAIAI x Yuri Suzuki Sound Taxi

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Our friend and collaborator on the Make the City Sound Better Sound Taxi Project strikes again. And this time he’s bringing robots. Little white robots that turn marker squiggles into sound.

Yuri is an intensely busy not to mention talented sound artist/designer who seemingly churns out this kind of pioneering innovation on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. So much so that It’s a little hard to keep track of all that crafty sound experimentation. ‘Looks Like Music’ is the latest addition to his lengthy list of achievements that does of course includes The AIAIAI x Yuri Suzuki Sound Taxi. Here’s how it works:

The work translates color markings, drawn by the artist or viewers, into sounds that have different timbres, volumes, and pitches. Participants in the action can add to the black circuits the robots are following or add color to change a robot's tune.

Now, while it may not have the same kind of size and scope as our collaboration it’s still ingenious proof that Yuri Suzuki is, to put it bluntly, the man. Especially when it comes to whimsical, inquisitive, wholly life-affirming exploration of sound.

Check it out.