Launch of the TMA-1 X in Studio A Next Thursday!



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On the 28th of November, we’re launching the latest addition to the TMA-1 headphone family: TMA-1 X. Our new headphones have been given a new sound design that suits all genres of music, it provides a lightweight alternative to the existing TMA-1 range and it comes at an entry-level price. Come and celebrate the birth of our new, matte-black baby in Studio A and at Fortunen where a diverse range of DJs, producers and musicians will kick out the jams for your listening pleasure.

The TMA-1 X materialized out of a wish to make a democratically designed alternative to the TMA-1. Our DJ headphone is mainly aimed at DJs and other music professionals and while it has found favour with a wide range of music lovers, we felt that a product designed with features that were less DJ-specific and more cross-functional would make a timely addition to the TMA-1 family.

With that in mind, we tweaked the sound design to suit all types of music, we made it lighter and less bulky and we significantly reduced the price. The result is a headphone that should resonate with a wider audience - without sacrificing the acclaimed sound and subtle design, which has made the TMA-1 a firm favorite with a varied array of DJs and producers the world over.

We believe that the launch of our new headphone deserves pomp, circumstance, not to mention drinks, great music and good vibes, which is why we've invited some skilled and interesting producers and musicians over to our flagship store to perform at the launch. For that very reason, we’d like to see you and your friends’ beautiful faces on the 28th of November from 16 pm until 21.00 - and then later on at the official TMA-1 X afterparty at Fortunen. Should be a good one.

Line-up Studio A:

Christian Ahlefeldt (AIAIAI)

Handsome Mike (Boogie at the Opera)


ELOQ (Activia Benz/Cheff Records)

Come Thursday it is, as the Beastie Boys once put it, time to get ill. Facebook Event.

See you next week!