Launch of Eyes & Ears on a Fashion Friday



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Samuel André Madsen
Haidl & Lindstrøm

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The growing toddler that is our blog has amassed quite a few talented, new contributors, which is why we're renaming it and giving it a separate contributor page. That does of course call for a celebration. Come party down and drink Red Stripes with us tonight from 5-8!

The AIAIAI blog has been up there in ye olde internets for quite some time. During this period we've been fortunate enough to come into contact with some lovely boys and girls who were down with blogging for us and we thought it would make sense to give the blog a name that reflects the different contributors' varied set of skills.

Our mission has always been to feature contributions that are relevant to what we do. The thing is that we're interested in tons of different things, which is why we've enlisted writers, DJs, musicians, artists and clever people who are on the AIAIAI wavelength but, bring their own distinct flavour to the digital proceedings. Interestingly, this has showed us that AIAIAI can be many different things and, to a certain extent, expanded our playing field.

Expect more interviews, mixes, videos, technology, curiousities and headphone-related news throughout 2013. And hey, if you'd like to blog for us, we're always interested in hearing from new talent, be it local or international.

But right now it's time time to focus on the Important stuff: Copenhagen-based house wizkid Samuel André Madsen and the gorgeous girls in Haidl & Lindstrøm are ready to take it to the bridge on this fashion week Friday, so get ready. Tonight. We're gonna maaake this a a niiiight to remembeeer!