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"A definite length of time marked off by two instants."

Latency Recordings is a vinyl-only label that combines the exploration of new sounds and feelings with a classic basis of house & techno. Just coming down from the rush of the immediate sell-out success of their debut release "The Post Industrial EP" by Innerspace Halflife, Dee caught up with founders Souleymane and Sidney.

Latency Recordings is amongst the infinite number of newly founded vinyl-only labels in the underground house and techno scene. It can be a baffling experience to listen your way through the endless number of (awful) releases hitting the shops every week. Especially because everyone nowadays uses the same (bullshit) tricks to attract record nerds, like: "Limited colored transparent reverse play 180g vinyl." A lot of labels use such parameters to attract, rather than staying honest to the music. However, delivering a true message is what Latency Recordings is about.

The founders Souleymane Said & Sidney GĂ©rard both study product- and graphic design and are both well-established DJs on the Parisian scene. They started their label because they wanted to "create their own universe with not only music, but with graphics, photography, video and volumes. We are trying to gather these different creation fields in order to explore feelings and share them with people."

"We are going to keep the quantity of releases low, as the quality always is in focus. Having Innerspace Halflife on the debut was amazing, as they are some of our favorite producers, and that's also the way we want to continue. We want to work with inspiring people that we personally admire. We have two more of our absolute favorite producers lined up for the next releases, which are going to hit the stores later this year."

When talking to S&S about Latency, their sheer love and appreciation of records really shines through. They are as real as it gets, which came into perspective when they told me that all of the 300 covers of the debut release were handmade by them.

The Post Industrial EP by Innerspace Halflife is three all analog tracks oozing hypnotic metallic sequences and pulsations - ranging from the soothing raw chords of Edo Tensei to the pulsating 9-minute raw groover Crown Vic. And all their hard work paid off immediately as the EP sold out within 4 days.

/Daniel Bruhn Jensen