Kutmah's FACT Mix

by Rasmus


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Is very good. No, seriously, you should listen to it. Now.

It might only be me who is slow, but I had no idea who Kutmah until this Monday. It makes me feel slightly better that FACT labels him as "the best DJ you never heard" (although they argue that he has outgrown that label), but I still feel that I have been missing out. Widely known or not, Kutmah is a great selector, and his mix for FACT this week is both a complete surprise and a wonderful journey through several genres that only rarely make it to my headphones.

Most of the mix falls into a weird category between evergreens, oldies, folk songs, and innocent pop. It's the soundtrack of a bygone age mixed with the sounds of tomorrow. All fades in and out through a blanket of static, vinyl crackle, and airhorns. Although Kutmah has - presumably with his tongue firmly placed in his cheek - promised a tracklist on his Facebook page, most of the selections remain a mystery.

That means that for once you can sit back and enjoy an hour and a half of music that you will most likely never track down. Once you hear all this beautiful music, you might say that not releasing the tracklist ruins the fun. But with Kutmah's excellent selections, the better option is to simply let him take the wheel and follow him wherever he goes.

You can listen to the full mix on the ever excellent FACT Mag