Knäppa: The Digital Cardboard Camera from IKEA and Teenage Engineering



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Teenage Enginering

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Our friends at Teenage Engineering made a neat, easy to use cardboard camera for IKEA. How about that?

For better or worse, we Scandinavians are born into societies where forces of democratization run rampant. Whenever elitism rears its head it often faces strong-willed opposition in the form of chastising newspaper articles or even ridiculing satire.

Yes, there’s no doubt that making expensive products for the few is often seen as an undemocratic faux-pas that goes against the Scandinavian consensus. And you could argue that this is part of the reason that IKEA’s stylish yet affordable design has taken us by storm.

In the spirit of this philosophy of democratic design, and the belief that ‘design belongs in real homes’ our buds over at Teenage Engineering gives you Knäppa, a digital, easy to use, cardboard camera that lets you take pictures of your home that you can then upload online.

Nice concept, nice camera, nicely done, Teenage Engineering.