Kinetica Art Fair: The Creators Project Does it Again


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Kinetica Art Fair is about new media, electronics, sound, light and time-based art with a focus on kinetic and robotic art. The fair is a tribute to the exploring of new technologies and ingenious art. The fair was held three weeks ago in the heart of London.

Sound-reactive glowing fashion, a shimmering sphere made of 35.000 LED lamps and illuminated sculptures built from fluorescent fishing line, are just a few examples of the light art to be explored at the fair.

All the artworks are different in their conception and style. What they have in common is light. Light is what is used to amplify and shape how the audience experiences them.

The fair makes it interesting to look into how light can change our perception and experience of a space, depending on our juxtaposition to it.

The Londonist compares Kinetica to the great international exhibitions of the Victorian era, which combined new developments in the arts, science and technology. The Daily Telegraph claims “If you can’t find something to excite you at Kinetica you probably don’t have a pulse”. Our pulse is beating hard! How’s yours?