KiBiSi’s Family for Muuto Expands



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- with this nifty little wooden juicer called Turn Around, which not only looks beautifully simple, but also brings back juicing to its tactile origin through the ‘Nordic hyper analogue design’ as KiBiSi put it.

You know you’re on to something when you can make a rather mundane household appliance like a juicer interesting and elegant.

According to our partners at Kibisi: ‘The wooden one-type-only material is easily recyclable and hopefully sufficiently aesthetically sustainable to be kept and passed on.’

Instead of filling you with descriptive positive adjectives, we’ll let you bask in the analogue glow of these photos of the Turn Around that KibiSi designed for with-it Danish brand, Muuto.

For more info, check out Kibisi and Muuto.