KiBiSi Wins the Red Dot Award for Best Product Design



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iFlash One
Red Dot Award

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Our partners over at KiBiSi have yet another award to place on what must be an increasingly strained mantelpiece. And this time around they took it home with a magnetically attachable bike light that performs a cut above the rest while being easy on the eye in that characteristic KiBiSi fashion.

We’re betting that the Red Dot jury were into the combination of effortlessness and ‘aesthetic sustainability’, as Lars calls it. As we mentioned in our previous post on the elegant bike light, the iFlash One uses magnets for easy attachment - you effortlessly click the light onto a magnetic base, which is permanently fixed to your bike’s handlebars or seat post and when you’ve connected iFlash, it turns on automatically.

Moreover, our co-conspirator KiBiSi Lars, says that their latest innovation:’Is designed with a holistic approach merging light and fitting into one object with an overall and simple DNA.’ Sounds rather appealing, doesn’t it?

Thomas, one of our very own AIAIAI partners, actually had a hand in bringing this impressive project to its full fruition, so give him a pat on the back if you see him somewhere out there in Taiwan where he’s currently on AIAIAI business.

The iFLash One bike light costs 149 Danish kroner (around 20€/26 USD) and you can aquire the award-winning specimen right here.

Congratulations, boys!

Check out the full range of KiBiSi-designed AIAIAI products in our webstore.