Kenton Slash Demon Rocking TMA-1s in the Boiler Room


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Boiler Room
Kenton Slash Demon

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The impossibly talented Copenhageners rock their unique brand of forward-thinking house on the world’s best dance music show. The crowd is small, but the vibe is BIG.

We make no secret of the fact that we like Kenton Slash Demon. I mean, look at them go. Flawless attire, effortless mixing and serene facial expressions. It’s almost like they’re little dance music Buddhas. This Boiler Room selection is particularly tight and showcases their knack for mixing the old with the new and cooking up that sweet-tasting atmosphere of house music-induced freedom from constraints. Yesiree, KSD are where it’s at.

Take it to the bridge, boys. As for the rest of you: you know what time it is (Friday).