Joy Orbison Podcast for Resident Advisor

by Rasmus


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Joy Orbison
Resident Advisor

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Joy Orbison's podcast for the ever dependable Resident Advisor is a ride that finds the elusive artist in a more diplomatic mood.

Joy Orbison has been on quite a ride. First, he kicked off an incredible trajectory into electronic music stardom by releasing Hyph Mngo, dubbed by many - Resident Advisor included - as the top track of 2009. The somewhat mysterious producer then contributed a couple of tracks back to the then budding and buzzing bass music scene, only to withdraw into a much darker corner with his main accomplice, Boddika. That resulted in a number of infectious tracks and a series of hard-hitting cuts from Peter O'Grady's own pen, but now he's back in a slightly more diplomatic mood.

With this week's podcast for Resident Advisor, it seems that Joy Orbison has come full circle from heavily praised bass music prodigy over left field dance impresario back to to bass music connoisseur. The mix, however, is more than just a collection of records too cool for you to own just yet. Orbison takes us for a ride through various sources of inspiration from the dubious (Jeremih explaining his desire to make frequent love) to the funky (Eric Ericksson's 90's escapades on the closing track) with a healthy dose of Orbison's original material in between.

From contemporary bass to retro-futuristic jams, O'Grady has it all under control. As always, Orbison's stamp of approval indicates that you are headed into potentially dangerous, yet always fulfilling territory. Although this podcast bounces from genre to genre, it remains coherent and, most importantly, manages to give a deeper insight into Orbison's past and future. As always, both are indeed enjoyable places to be.